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Stories of Health and Healing
Family Healing Through Moderation

Dr. Julie Miller is such an unbelievable asset to our community.  It is so amazing to  have someone like her practicing in our little town.  The experience our entire family has had with Dr. Julie has been wonderful.  She is terrific at what she does and each one of us has been helped with our health and well-being.  We are especially thankful for her listening ear and compassion for her patients.  It is very clear that Dr. Julie listens intently and is concerned about  each person she sees.  We are very appreciative of her sensibility and sensitivity as  well.

Her philosophy of “everything in moderation” works well with our  young family.  Dr. Julie understands the challenges that face young families and is very considerate in the way she  prescribes treatments.  Realistic expectations and attainable goals as well  as consideration of budget restraints always seem to be part of the  treatment  process.

 We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Julie to  friends and family all  of the time!

 Thank you Dr. Julie for what you do and for how you’ve helped our  family!


Tanya Hogg

Little Ones Love Naturopathic Medicine Too

We first saw Dr. Julie Miller of Carstairs, Alberta’s All About You Wellness  Centre two years ago.  We had seen several different wholistic  doctors and naturopathic doctors in the past who had  been helpful but  nothing like Dr. Julie.  We appreciate so many things  about her and her practice!  Firstly, she is very patient with little ones in her
clinic and finds ways to make testing easy and fun.  She is personable, friendly, and gets to know us all remembering the kids’ interests  and personalities.  She has watched our children grow, mature, and heal under her gentle care.  
Another great thing about Dr. Julie is that she isn’t about the pay-cheque.  Her fees are very fair as are the cost of her supplements.  For anyone thinking that they can’t afford to see a naturopath, seeing Dr. Julie is possible.  
She is genuinely interested in the whole person.  Her understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection lets her dive deeply into an area of concern and heal the root of the issue, rather than just bandage the surface problem.  She is intuitive.  At my most  recent appointment and after making some progress, she surprised me by saying that she wants to just leave me for the summer.  I don’t know of too many doctors who would let a patient leave their office without filling some prescription or picking up some supplement.  She felt that I was on the right track naturally, and she has confidence in my healing process to follow her instincts.  
You can also rest assured that your appointment doesn’t end at your appointment.  If there was an issue that came up, your appointment continues for hours on her own time researching, collecting information, and talking to her colleagues.  I so appreciate this extra touch.  She has surprised me many times with an email after an
appointment with more information to read, a local person to contact for further help, and websites she had researched.  No other naturopathic or wholistic doctor whom we had previously seen has been so dedicated and so interested in the lives of her patients.  

Dr. Julie has walked our son through digestive/candida issues to the point of it being manageable now with food restrictions.  Our youngest daughter was born with some respiratory issues.  She couldn’t nurse properly as her nose was always plugged. Her chest was congested and had a rattling sound.  Dr. Julie researched, tested, administered supplements, helped us avoid food triggers and pointing us in the right direction to see an ENT who discovered that she needed her adenoid removed.  And Dr. Julie has walked alongside us since then with supplements to reduce the swelling and continued support to the point where she is completely healthy now.  Her body is in balance, and she is able to eat any foods without digestive or respiratory issues.  Our oldest daughter’s headaches are all but gone as Dr. Julie has supported and guided her  through her healing journey intuitively and gently.  Our middle daughter has also worked through some digestive and candida issues and is also one healthy little girl.  Our family continues to see Dr. Julie regularly.  We love to see her.  The kids hop up on her table and get as strong as they can in anticipation of the muscle testing.  We love to hear from her the continued good reports of the children’s bodies being in balance and their organs being healthy and strong.  If little issues arise, we quickly deal with them and get back on track.  We feel that seeing Dr. Julie regularly is a preventative way to approach our family’s health. With her fees are so reasonable; she makes taking a large family to a naturopathic doctor possible for us, which brings us peace of mind! 
We are completely confident in her  knowledge.  She is very wise beyond her years and knowledgeable in so many areas of specific concerns.  Our family is in a good state of health with many thanks to the natural resources we use and Dr. Julie being at the top of the list.  Thank you, Dr. Julie, from the Callaghan crew in Carstairs,  Alberta.  We hope that many more families will reach out to you for preventative and supportive help in all aspects of their health.

Lori Callaghan

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