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About Julie Miller ND

It is tremendously rewarding to be able to provide a safe space for patients to feel heard so that we can thoroughly explore all facets of health and start to put the puzzle pieces together.


Many patients who come to see me have been dealing with symptoms for years and once they have a greater understanding of the obstacles preventing healing and a step-by-step plan to get them feeling better, they leave with a renewed sense of energy and hope.

When patients are empowered with knowledge and tools to support the body’s own innate healing wisdom they can more deeply access their full potential.

My Healing Journey

After struggling to find solutions through conventional means for my own health challenges as a teenager, I started exploring the connection between the mind and body and discovered that changing my diet and lifestyle had a significant positive impact on my mental/emotional and physical wellbeing.



While I was completing my undergraduate degree in biological sciences at the University of Calgary, I started working part time at a vitamin and supplement store where I expanded my knowledge of nutrition, herbs, and nutraceuticals and discovered the career path of naturopathic medicine. This form of medicine was extremely appealing to me because it is included a rigorous education in medical sciences while incorporating traditional healing modalities, clinical nutrition, and mind-body medicine. Upon completion of the 4-year program at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, it was an honor to receive the Academic Excellence Award for the graduating class of 2009.

In my time outside of seeing patients, I’m an avid listener of functional medicine and “biohacking” podcasts because of the shared philosophy in leveraging different tools and practices, including diet, lifestyle, and personal growth, to optimize physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. I often share them with patients as they are great resources! I love yoga, especially yin, as it helps me to quiet my mind and be present in my body. Being in nature also helps me feel grounded and calms my soul. My two “fur children”, Parker and Emma, keep me busy with walks on Nose Hill and I also enjoy escaping to the mountains to snowboard and split-board in the winter and wake-surf and bike in the summer.

I truly appreciate having a career where I am able to help people while continually learning and evolving in my own healing journey.

About Linda Miller
Carstairs Patient Services

I had been retired from my teaching position in Carstairs a for a year when Julie mentioned to her Dad and I that she needed help with the office management at her Carstairs clinic. Without missing a beat, her dad replied, “Mom will help you.” And that, as they say, is history.

My responsibilities at the clinic involve booking appointments, sending reminders, invoicing, basic bookkeeping and managing inventory.  One of the biggest benefits of my position is meeting and getting to know all of Julie’s patients and especially renewing relationships with former students, their parents and meeting the next generation as their families grow. I have enjoyed being linked to so many Carstairs families over the years and reconnecting in this way is awesome!

It is an incredible joy to watch Julie’s patients become healthier, happier and more in tune with their own bodies and minds. I cherish spending time with my daughter and watching her team up with her patients to help them create more optimal health and well-being. Julie’s patients are active participants in this journey and take pride in their own hard work.  This creates a partnership that is very powerful and the successes speak for themselves. And, yes… I am a very proud mama!

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